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恭賀新禧! 本公司農曆新年假期由2016年2月6日至14日止。2月15日(年初八)照常營業。 Happy Chinese New Year! Our store will be closed from Feb. 6 to 14 for the Lunar New Year holiday.
2016-01-28 Shoei Neotec 新花 Imminent 現已有售
Shoei Neotec Imminent is now available
2016-01-28 Shoei GT-Air 新花 Expanse 現已有售
Shoei GT-Air Expanse is now available
2016-01-28 Shoei J-Cruise 新花 Corso TC-10 現已有售
Shoei J-Cruise Corso TC-10 is now available
2015-09-18 Shoei Z-7新花 Indy Marquez 現已有售
Shoei Z-7 Indy Marquez is now available
2015-08-25 Shoei Z-7新花 Marquez 3 現已有售
Shoei Z-7 Marquez 3 is now available
2015-07-28 Shoei Hornet ADV 新花 Seeker 現已有售
Shoei Hornet ADV Seeker is now available

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